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The MYP Design course with Novadene Miller

July 01, 2021 Jon Peterson / Novadene Miller Season 2 Episode 21
IB Matters
The MYP Design course with Novadene Miller
Show Notes

In this episode we return to talk to Novadene Miller who teaches at the Ecole Privee Bilingue International in southern France.  Novadene was a recent guest talking about the MYP Individuals and Societies course. The feedback was so great we just had to have her back.

This time we focus on the MYP Design course and how it fits beautifully into the development of young people in the Middle Years. Novadene even frames her school's recent MYP authorization process to the aspects of the design course. 

Example of pedagogical kit tools in light of covid : Let's Explore Europe | Learning Corner (europa.eu)

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